As a specialist of luxury socks manufacturer, we use superior finest yarns to
achieve long lasting comfort and durability .

The yarns are processed and dyed locally in Taiwan by prestigious yarn
manufacturer established long before Formosa Island is known as World’s
Socks Hometown. 

Acosports also devote ourselves in protecting the environment and actively
adopt eco-friendly materials that are organically made or recyclable for
sustainable growth. 


Organic Cotton

Super soft yarn quality and natural fiber content. Perfect for making luxury dress and designer’s socks. The Premium 100% Organic Cotton quality makes it breathable.

Nano Silver Ion

Excellent antibacterial and deodorant function, safety, and no toxicity. It has superior absorbency, perspiration function, and good breathability in durable and good washing resistance.


It’s a evolutionary high-tech fiber that offers a soft feel and gorgeous socks appeal and also comfortable to the wearer.

Tencell® Lyocell

It’s naturally biodegradable yarn from purified wood pulp cellulose and a 100% plant fiber. It possesses soft, comfort, drape, smoothness, durable characteristic, as well as the easy care feature.


Patented cross-section technology that transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days. It provides comfort to help outdoor enthusiasts optimize performance.


It’s remarkable properties of stretch and recovery enhance all socks and sleeves in which it is used, adding easy comfort and freedom of movement and improving fit and shape retention.

Merino Wool

It has a natural elastic quality allowing for movement when wearing. It is also breathable and very warm. The knitted fabric is amazingly soft and smooth.

Recycled PET

Recycled from used PET bottles, this fiber reduces environmental burden by emitting 20% less carbon dioxide. It uses 2/3 less energy and almost 90% less water than the production of virgin PET. And of course, no new petroleum is required to produce recycled PET.

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